Pratham books : First steps (Set 2)


Don’t we all enjoy stories and pictures. These books are for early readers who would love to look at the vivid illustrations and have fun with the simple sentences and stories.

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1) Achoo! (Big Book) 
- Written by Deepa Balsavar, Illustrated by Nancy Raj
Curious Monkey is full of questions. Everyone wants to help but sometimes the real answer is completely unexpected.

2) Stick your tongue out
- Written by Sheela Preuitt and Praba Ram, Illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat
Do you think all tongues are soft and pink like yours. Animals have tongues of various shapes sizes
and colours. They use their tongues in many different ways but not for talking like humans do.

3) Cube Cat Cone Cat
- Written by Praba Ram and Sheela Preuitt, Illustrated by Rajiv Eipe
Learn your shapes with this picture book like the cat, which uses everyday objects to figure out a cube from a circle. A fun puzzle at the end of the book makes it ideal for kids who like to look at pictures and solve riddles.

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